Web Consultancy & Strategy

PS Consultancy & Strategy

Smart people plan, organise and develop a strategy before embarking on any new project. If you are building a new website or revamping your old site I can help you develop an effective and profitable online marketing strategy.

Strong headlines, relevant copy and a stirring call to action ensure your message works across all social media and online channels, combine this with a focased strategy to continually deliver great content and you have a recipe for your visitors to engage and understand you have something worth selling.

Afterall, we’re all selling something whether it be an idea, a product, a service or a worthy cause. To stand out from the crowd you need a clearly defined plan of action and I may just be able to help you bring it all together.

What Can I Expect?

Working closely with you I will introduce you to what I think are the most important concepts every business online must know about. Creating strong relationships with your audience is critical to building brand loyalty.

  • Initial Consultation – 30 Minute Skype call to review, assess, plan & discuss ideas.
  • Discovery Process – Our work begins with a detailed look at your market, competition & existing infastructure.
  • Assessment of Targets & Goals – This is where the hard work really begins!
  • Strategy & Plan of Action – A detailed step by step breakdown of the process
  • Define Targets & Timescales – This brings structure & ensures we all deliver on our expectations
  • Implementation & Guidance – Everything gets underway and we all start to get our hands dirty!
  • Consultancy & Handholding throughout entire process – I am here when you need me
  • Ongoing Support – Regular consultations to assess & review as changes take effect

How Much Will It Cost?

My consultancy services are tailored to each clients individual needs and requirements, all projects are quoted on an individual basis.

My service is very flexible, I will do as much or as little as you need. I’m more than happy to complete the Initial Consultation, develop a strategy and be on hand to consult as and when you need me.

Let’s Talk About Your Project