There Is Magic In The Madness!

In 2013, Woody, the drummer from Madness, approached me to build a “simple” website for his Magic Brothers project, as design ideas progressed it soon became clear that the scope of this project was more than a simple website!

This project soon evolved into what you see today, my responsibilities grew to include not only the website design, but logo design, merchandise, album artwork and production, marketing, consultancy and management.

This has been a fantastic project and it seems the journey has only just began…

Live Site:


Portfolio Magic Brothers Homepage

Store with Topspin Platform Integration

Thanks to Jessie Schuller @ Wickstead Works and the team at Topspin Media for all your support.

Portfolio Magic brothers Store

Live Shows with Modern Tribe Events Plugin Integration.

Portfolio Magic Brothers Live

Album & Single Artwork, Magic Brothers Logo

Portfolio Magic Brothers Artwork

If you like what you see and think we’d make a good team, I’d love to hear from you!

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